Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my unit 24hours?
Unfortunately, no. We are open on Mon-Fri 8:30 – 17:00 & Sat 9:00 – 13:00. We are not open on Sundays or public holidays.


Do we have lifts?
Yes, we do have 2x large goods lifts


Do the units have lights and electricity?
We have sensor lights in the passage. Unfortunately, no electricity in the units.


Can we go view the available units?
Yes you are very welcome!


Do you fetch, pack and deliver goods?
No, but we can assist you on names and numbers of preferred removal companies.


Are there any hidden costs? / Do I have to pay a deposit?
If you stay for longer than one month we do require a one month deposit. (Deposit is fully refundable after contract expires if paid up) No other hidden costs.


Do you have trolleys I can use to move my large items?
There are trolleys for you to move your larger items into storage. In addition our passages are extra wide to make sure your move is as easy as possible.


What are the terms of termination and the notice period?
All lease agreements initiated and managed through Go-Store operates on a month to month agreement, requiring one calendar month’s written notice.


Do I have to sign a lease agreement?
Yes. Signing a legally binding lease agreement ensures that Users’ and Landlord rights are protected. Initiating self-storage generally means that a long-term relationship starts; it’s therefore best that the legal matters are dealt with correctly.


Do I have to reserve a unit before I get there?
To ensure you that we have the size that you need, you can contact us to confirm it. You don’t have to reserve a unit but this is advisable


Are my goods safe and secure?
We ensure there is a large range of security features at our stores, ranging from cctv cameras to electric fences and access control systems.


Can I store anything I want?
We would like you to store anything you need but there are some restrictions. Items which we have identified as hazardous and/or not suitable for self storage, and which we do not allow our customers to store in our secure storage facilities are:
* Toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods
* Firearms, munitions or explosives
* Radioactive materials
* Hazardous goods
* Living plants or animals
* Food or perishable goods
* Cash and securities
* Illegal goods waste.


What documents do I need to sign a contract?
* Copy of your ID (Should you be a foreign national residing in South Africa – proof of a valid work or residence permit as contained in your passport)
* Proof of Adress
* Bank details
* x1 month security deposit – if renting for more than one month. (Deposit is fully refundable after contract expires if paid up)